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Your house should be an expression of who you are, not something that’s impersonal and generic.

Sarah Susanka, architect
The Not So Big House


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Working with architects who share our philosophy, Jerry Bussanmas Homebuilders helps each client define their ideas of home and their individual tastes and preferences in everything from architecture to materials and paint colors. 

Our job is to take those elements and make them work together. To find a way to interpret your taste and make a complete package, where all the pieces ‘like’ each other and belong together.

There can only be one vision on a project – the homeowner’s.
Jerry Bussanmas

One word best describes how we see our role: facilitator.  Jerry emphasizes, “I don’t want to build my house – I want to help you build your house.”

With Jerry Bussanmas Homebuilders, homeowners are more than clients—they’re the visionaries. 

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
Leonardo daVinci

Organic materials and simpler designs never become outdated, so as often as possible we enjoy implementing natural products made with clean lines. 

On every home, we partner with the homeowners to create a setting filled with enduring elements that best interprets what that family finds attractive.

A house is a home
 when it shelters the body
and comforts the soul.
Phillip Moffitt,
entrepreneur and editor



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